Provide All Students a Holistic Education

    • Make schools’ number one job to develop the whole child, with an emphasis on authentic learning tasks, the arts and physical/social/emotional well-being


    • End standardized testing and make achievement data only available to students, teachers and families


    • Universalize simple, research-based, cost-effective strategies like small class sizes and the practice of allowing groups of students to remain with the same teacher for more than one year ("looping")


    • Build curriculum and graduation pathways that are directly responsive to the local communities our schools are in and the diverse 21st century world our children will graduate into


    Empower Educators As Professionals

    • Include public school educators as key decision-makers in all local, state and national education policy


    • Increase baseline teacher pay and modernize teacher benefits to make the profession more dignified for all and desirable to young Americans considering it as a career


    • Provide more time and opportunity for teachers to plan and innovate during the school day


    • End the use of testing data in teacher evaluations


    Equitably Fund Public Schools

    • Invest all public education funds into public schools, not into voucher and privatization programs that only benefit private companies and wealthy Americans


    • Fund and resource all schools equitably



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