Because our democracy relies on public schools.

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Public schools are America's future. So, let's start re-envisioning what they can be.


The mission of this campaign is to transform the image of American public schools to an overwhelmingly positive one by spotlighting school successes and creating a renewed sense of possibility for how a public school education can empower each and every student to reach full potential and make a positive impact on their communities. We are demanding that American politicians, corporations and leaders put children first and represent the people they purport to serve.

As public school educators, we know that public education is the bedrock of our amazing American democracy. Over the last two decades, a lot of people have sought answers outside of the system -- some with good intention and others in pursuit of money and power. These initiatives not only degrade the quality of our children's education, but they are a direct attack on our communities. We believe the answer doesn't lie elsewhere; it lies within. There are millions of examples of American public schools doing cutting edge, transformative work and we want to spotlight them and create a renewed sense of possibility about what public school means to Americans.


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Jamaal Bowman has been a public school educator for over 17 years. Working in Title 1 schools throughout his career, he has served as a K-12 teacher, guidance counselor, dean of students, and the founding school principal of Jamaal is a loving husband and father, and has dedicated his life to public schools, the children, and the communities they serve.

Zak Ringelstein is a teacher of 5 years who was recently named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. He started his career as a public school teacher in Arizona and then went on to found and sell UClass, an education technology company that democratizes lesson planning. Recently Zak returned to the classroom and teaches at a public school in Portland, Maine. He is a new dad and is currently supporting his first group of 4th graders as they apply to colleges this year.